Financing possibilities

Raiffeisen Community 2012


Main goal: financial help or direct implication (consultancy, voluntariat) for NGO`s, schools, hospitals who have good projects for the local communities. The winner will be establish by on-line vote.
Financing: from Raiffeisen Bank S.A.
Beneficiary: NGO`s (associations, fundations, federations(scholls, hospitals)

Beading conditions:

  • The first step of the competion is between 2 – 20 July with deposition of intent letters from all organizations who wants to develop a programme with social responsability, even they are NGO`s, hospitals or schools. The model of the intent letter and the ghide could be downloaded form the following site: The intent letters will be selected by the voluntiers from Raiffeisen Bank.
  • The second step will take place between 23 July – 3 August, that consist in detailing of the projects what remained in competition, as result of selection of the intent letters. The winners will be designate exclusive on the number of the votes and they will be announced till 19 September 2012.

The value of financing: the financig offered by Raiffeisen Bank is maximum 5.000 euro for one project.

Eligible actions for the project:

  • Financial, enterprise or civic education
  • Social servicies who stimulated the autonomy of the asisted persons
  • Sport for public – as a healthy life style
  • Health
  • Environmental protection

The winner projects has to start in October – December 2012 period.
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this is the one way to become deathless.”

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